Women and Men Together - Volunteers Gather for Group Intention Circle at Agape International Center for Truth

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"We Are the Weavers, We Are the Weave" was designed to model what is possible when we come together around a shared vision.  The entire all-volunteer event was created in only nine weeks - from inception through the most basic logistics to the evening's intricate program to the beautiful level of relating that was met at every juncture.  It was a dynamic experience in creative collaboration that extended far beyond the evening, impulsing many wonderful friendships and collaborations that continue to flourish and grow to this day.   Our theme spoke to the role women are playing today - as both the weavers and the weave, creating the Greater Tapestry by refining ourselves and drawing on our gift of relationality to bring our global family together - in harmony with all our relations, in harmony with the earth herself and in peace.

Women's Day 1999 took place in the newly opened Agape International Spiritual Center as part of the annual Season for Non-Violence which originated there.  The center is home to the Agape Church of Religious Science, one of the largest multicultural churches of its kind in the United States, which supports over 20 ministries and projects "dedicated to the realization of the presence of God, Peace, and Love on this planet."

Clara Moseley and Vionela Vaughn-Austin, representatives for Agape

Movement Rehearsal - Constance Demby, Evone Lespier, Leeta Kunnel, Ruth Goodman, Heaven and Sara Stone

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The movement piece "Women in Conversation" was gifted into our Weavers event by the collaborative Sounds, Stones and Spirals.  Inspired to share their story exploring the relationships between women, as part of the larger mytho-poetic story we were weaving together for Women's Day, it was the maiden public showing for the intimate work they had been honing for over a year in a private studio environment.  The women moved to the electra-acoustical music of Constance Demby.

Artist Ariyana Gibbon created the participatory ceremonial painting A Woman's Promise to invite women to think deeply about what it means to be a woman today, to be a new woman and a guardian of the future.  As with other of her ceremonial paintings,  dedicated to caretaking the earth and living in peace, A Woman's Promise serves as a kind of pledge. Each participant speaks the promise ascribed on the painting out-loud in her own voice, while placing her hand over her heart, then dipping it in the red paint Ariyana chose to represent "the blood of our being and the fire of our actions" and adding her handprint together with others in a gesture of solidarity.

A Woman's Promise ceremonial painting with artist Ariyana Gibbon and Erin Murphy

The Womb of Creation - Constance Demby on Space Base Instrument - an original sonic steel instrument she designed with tuned steel and brass rods that emit five octaves of deep, primordial, archetypal resonances

"There's nothing like being in the moment of the dance, being in the moment of the creation, being in the moment of expression, when Spirit is just flowing through you, when you're  feeling that gratitude and the aliveness and that Celebration of Life.  And to have my mother present was very profound, to have her witness this phenomenal event that Celebrates the Magnificence of Women, something which I'm certain she was not empowered with as a child growing up in another culture, at another time.  I could see and feel a veritable shift in her, that is something which is absolutely happening on a planetary level."
    - Heaven
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