"I hear my mother calling my name back to this earth to claim it for my own. I am the drum of life, I am the drum of the goddess calling myself to its dance. Mother drum, Heart drum drumming, the drums like the stars, drumming in the sky drums of the angels calling me to dance the beat of my life, now calling me to my mother, to know my mother in me, drums beating, drums answering their own calls to dance, to dance the drums of Kali Kunta Sofia Gaia Mana Me Ma drums of Karuna the child mother, sexual, friendly, comfort, warm, all encompassing love of creation, Mater Matunta, mother of the dawn, the drums speak your name, Matrika devi Kalima, the drums speak your name, Mati Syra Zemlya, ...."

Tribute to the goddess - Drum Poem: Raina Paris, Veil Dance: Heaven, Music: Suzanne Sterling

Raina Paris Web Site

One of our Men Who Loves Women - David Zasloff playing the 100 year old Shakuhachi flute which was gifted to him by his Japanese master who had been gifted it by his master before him

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".... the drums speak your name, Kupala, Russian water mother who purifies the souls with your dew, the drums speak your name, And I understand the languages of trees when I hold the fire flower of them, fern in my hand, Shin Mu, Chinese mother of perfect intelligence, the drums speak your name, Shaiba old woman whose spirit dwells in the sacred stone of the Kaaba, the drums speak your name, Maya Shakti Lakshmi Soma Khon Ma Me Mah Maha Nila Saraswati Padma, the drums speak your name, Manu Yoni Kula, moon blood of woman, giver of immortality, red red red color of woman, gate of heaven, the drums speak your name, And I can hear it for I am pregnant with spirit, the drum song of the great goddess Kunda..."
    - Raina Paris

"One day the rose within opens
to woman's awareness
She feels and truly knows
the beauty of her Soul
Woman chant in rich harmonious hum
with tones of your truth, stepping to its beat
Free from constraints of illusion,
as the cosmic dancer you were born to be
The Beauty of being Woman, etch the beauty of your being on cosmic parchment
Let it sizzle, sing its song, turn it upside down and inside out
Twist it, squeeze it, run it through our maze and up your lightning bolt
Let it speak to you, tickle you, sniff it, savor,
take its song, adjust it, embellish it,
try it on for size, loosen up and romp with it,
dance a softshoe upon your Soul
Add cosmetics and frills, infuse
with your hues, tingle with your tongue
Now consecrate, dedicate and bless
the truly wondrous woman that you are"

- First Grandmother
Lyn Hopkins

Grandmother's Council Circle - Lyn Hopkins, Barbara T. Smith and Lynn Crighton

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Mothers and Sons - Sammi Shidler and Kahlil, Thomai Hara and Haans, with Frankie Lee Slater. The children speak out loud to the fellowship, "Please protect Mother Earth for the sake of future generations."

"I will speak with you
about Rhythm and Cycles -
The Universe moves in cycles
just as our women's bodies do
Everything goes around and around
and around
Let us consider all of our actions
with this in mind -
so that the residue of our thoughts
and actions
become part of a recycling
fertile mulch
which nurtures further life.
In the center of the earth
is a molten fire
keeping our planet home habitable
We too have inner centers of warmth
and emotion.
Let us externalize this fire, as of old,
to nurture and create a center of food,
warmth and story -
where we are still talking in person
to one another."

- Second Grandmother
Barbara T. Smith

"I'm going to speak to you about orgasm
Orgasm as a way of connecting the Spirit
Orgasm awakening our own Divine Nature
Orgasm raising us to our highest Vibration
Orgasm as Being in the fullest vibration of Life
Reclaiming ourselves as gods and goddesses
We must reveal the ancient tradition and
reinstate sexuality at the center of our lives
activating everything we do
Pay attention to the sacredness of your sexuality
Pay attention to where, when and with whom
it is activated
Honor ourselves and the other
for what is being revealed
Relish all available sensations and pleasures
Be totally present and available celebration
And take that celebration into every moment of your life
So that we can be in Joy
as the Great Spirit intended us to be!"

- Third Grandmother
Lynn Creighton

All Life is a Sacred Tribute to Ballona Wetlands as a cradle of life- Allaire and Cleo Paterson, Sammi Shidler and Thomai Hara