Women's Day 2000 festivities at the Electric Lodge in Venice, California

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Recognizing that each and every person has an Art to bring into the world, and a Prayer, participants at our "We Are All Artists of LIFE" Celebration were invited first to voice their Art and their Prayer in the circle where they would be empowered through our group witnessing and holding intention for one another, and then offer them to be transformed into the fire.  One person's Art was through movement, another's in bringing people together in community, still another's in the gift of being herself that opened this possibility for others. The prayers reflected the universality we eventually all come to - of moving beyond self-interest to be guided by something higher, to find humor and compassion in life, and for health and happiness for our children and the world.

Saraswati - Vedic goddess of the Arts

Natalia dancing

Women's Day 2000 honored the creative nature of the Artist of Life which resides in every human being.   Centered around a  Vedic Fire Ritual to Saraswati, goddess of Eloquence, Learning, Wisdom & the Arts, it was designed to empower all the participants as emissaries for the larger family of the earth - to take our gifts out into the World

Fire Ritual to the goddess Saraswati, Frankie Lee Slater and Annie Hutchinson

Arlys Alford with group flower offering

"I asked the scholar of Sanskrit, one of our ancient root languages, what he could tell me of the word ART.  He said it originated from the same seed syllables as the word RIGHT, revealing that ART is about RIGHTNESS not in the moral sense, but the deeper sense of being sourced in the Divine.  In this core understanding an Artist is a kind of yogi or mystic who applies him or her Self through discipline to come to a lived sense of what is Right ..."
"... While the quality of what is Right is dynamic and ever changing, the skilled Artist is able to sense that which is Right in each proceeding moment..  In essence, when we experience a great work of ART , whatever the medium or expression, what is actually being experienced is the resonant vibration conferred by the Artist through the Art - that what had to be done has been done.  It is RIGHT."
- Frankie Lee

Leslie Levy and Annie Hutchinson making their artist of life flower offering