Born from the Womb of the Earth song - Sage and Ember Knight

"I am Born from the Womb of the Earth
Grown from a seed Divine
My tears are the Ocean
and the Sun shines its light through my eyes
I am born from the Womb of the Earth
My Power is that of the Sun
I am rooted deep in my Mother's Body
And my Father and I are One
All the chaos surrounding me
threatening to unground me,
the insanity of activity impersonating Reality
Cannot pull me away
from the Center of Who I Am
I am made from the stuff of the Earth
Infused with a light from above
My Passion is that of the mighty volcano
My Peace: the dove"

- Sage Knight

One of the greatest joys of our Women's Day events is the children who participate - knowing they will have the wonder-filled experiences we are creating together in them to draw upon for the rest of their lives - helping them stay open to their natural impulses and creative spirit where previous generations were stifled and have so much undoing to do to get to our authenticity. We see International Women's Day as the dream of our grandmothers living on in and as us, a model for boys as well as for girls of what it is to be a healthy com-passionate man and woman today, responsible to and with one another, affirming the miracle of life we all share.

Wonder of Wonders Opening - Frankie Lee and Flower Girls

Flower Girls

"Wonder of Wonders
Up in the Stars, In the Universe
Each Day We See Them, And Know Them
And Know Ourselves More
Through Our Wonder of Wonders
Life is Our Course
We Are all Children
Like Stars in the Universe
I Am in You
You Are in Me
We Are All One throughout Eternity
Wonder of Wonders"

- Frankie Lee

As a natural part of our co-creative process, all of The Art of LIVING Women's Day events as well as the Circle of Women gatherings which preceded have been videotaped for inclusion in the documentary "Dance of the Feminine" where the beautiful story you see represented here can be brought to people the world over through our conscious media for a conscious world. We invite you to explore the rest of our site to learn more.

Videographer David Sonnenschein, "Dance of the Feminine" Audience Participating in Wisdom Mantra and Mudra - Om...Ah...Rooa...Ba...Zha...Na...Di

Laura Kali Shakti leading Dancers in Processional

The foundation of The Art of LIVING Women's Day Celebrations is to be inclusive - of women and men, of many different spiritual tranditions, cultures and expressions. "Celebrating the Mystery" was held in the Pacific Palisades Community Methodist Church, where Pastor Ignacio Castuera envisioned that our event could energize the church, "to open to more life affirming, spirit-affirming movements like this. I believe what pastors need to do in taking their churches into the future, is to ask themselves what is the original message of our particular faith and how can it best be translated into the 21st century? I understand Christianity to be a movement that is asked to love God and love neighbor above anything else. So, how can we live this out today - by being open to the way in which many people are looking for God - not necessarily in the traditional forms, but seeking to reinterpret and re-imagine God and themselves and the world as a united entity and to work to dissolve any type of division."

Photos by Ginny Winn