Triple goddess Maiden, Mother, Crone signifying the three stages of a Women's life - Andrea Takeda, Aparecida, and Leonora Panich

Maiden, Mother, Crone pays homage to the cycles of a Woman's life as she deepens into her feminine gifts, her passion and compassion, intuitive power and wisdom, sense of connection and generosity of spirit. There is a phenomenon taking place on the planet today that has never existed in all of human time. What was "old age" a century ago is today simply "getting in stride." Consider the number of women who have matured during the consciousness movement, reaching their wisdom years with half a lifetime still ahead, along with the generations coming up right behind, and we see the centripetal force propelling humankind into a more evolved expression of what our Souls really came here for.

"I am the veil between the worlds
I am goddess wrapped in the veils,
the bow, the breath and blood and beauty
I am the Mystery between the worlds
For centuries veiled in shame,
my body carrying the weight
of the fear of my power
I left the veil of shame and fear
for I am she that brings spirit into ash
I am the Veil between worlds
bringing spirit into form"

- Vajra Ma

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Veil Dance - Vajra Ma

The Voice of the Grandmothers - Allyson Adams as Jeannette Rankin, the first Congresswoman Who Always Voted for Peace

Representing the dreams of our grandmothers who birthed Women's Day out of the women's suffrage movement, Allyson Adams appears as Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress who always stayed true to her heart and conscience consistently voting for Peace even when the majority of politicians chose war.  The piece was excerpted from Allyson's one-woman show which she takes into schools around the country to encourage peaceful dialogues.

"Do you want Joan of Ark,
with some Brigitte Bardot?
Amelia Erhart with an airplane
Around the world we will go
What could be better than May West in Feathers
When you're feeling low.
When you need a friend and lover,
A Bonny to your Clyde.
There's no judge or jury here.
You've got nothing to hide.
What kind of woman do you need?
Whichever kind of woman do you want, now.
All of them are me.
All of them are me."

- Diana Williamson

"What Kinda Woman" - Diana Williamson

Persian Woman's Song "Dorma" - Mamak Khadem of Axiom of Choice

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Mamak, best known as the lead vocalist and co-founder of Axiom of Choice, sang a Persian folk song which tells the legend of the Huma Bird who, when it sits for a moment on your head, is a sign that you will break free of limitation by evolving your thoughts and becoming regal in nature.  Introducing the piece - which so poignantly represents what her countrywomen are experiencing today - Mamak emphasized that in contrast to our event, if she were to sing in her native land, she would not be allowed to do so publicly in front of men, even in the 21st century.

Photos by Ginny Winn