Frankie Lee Slater, Founder
The Art of LIVING Coalition
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"We are moving
into a new understanding 
of Freedom --
beyond independence 
to interdependence. 
And the next phase 
in our conscious evolution 
will be decided 
not in reaction to, 
but in relationship with."

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Essentially, The Art of LIVING is a framework for conscious living, designed to take us deeper into our experience of being human by helping us grow in our understanding of ourselves as conscious co-creators of our reality.

Since 1996 our extended community has been immersing ourselves in a process to discover first-hand what it means to be artists of life, and to live our lives in this capacity. As we went along, we also picked up video cameras to document our experience so we can extend the circle through our media, and people everywhere can benefit. From the beginning, the results have been immediate and profound, as they continue to be.

What we discovered is that people ask different questions and take different actions than they would ordinarily, when they identify themselves as artists of life. In making this integral shift in perception -- from being acted upon by life to becoming actively involved in the process of living --we develop a consciousness of choice which enhances our lives on every level.

The basis of The Art of LIVING worldview is grounded in over 30 years in-depth exploration in creativity, communications, community building, human excellence and knowing how to affect positive change. Understanding that life itself is a creative process, and it is not the rare exception but within each and every one of us to be artists of our own lives, we are here to serve this unfoldment - providing models of what is working and what is possible by identifying them where they exist, enhancing them where they can be made better, creating them where deemed necessary and making them accessible for all.

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