Frankie Lee and Dr. John Lilly

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Frankie Lee Slater, Creator of The Art of LIVING, grew her understanding of what it means to be an artist of life over 20 years of in-depth exploration into human excellence and close-association with creative pioneers in many areas of society - including neuro-physiologist Dr. John Lilly who pioneered inter-species communications with dolphins; Olympic sports psychologist Dr. Gregory Raiport; Academy Award-winning producer David Puttnam; corporate development guru Lou Mobley; Dr.Cloud "Scout" Lee, a leader in adventure play; Will Sampson, a Cree medicine man and well-known Native American actor; founder of Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY), Yogiraj Vetathiri Maharashi. In addition to being the Executive Director of The Art of LIVING Coalition and producer-director-host of The Art of LIVING media, Frankie Lee is a journalist and leading-edge communications specialist. In 1991, she founded the popular women's organization A Circle of Women and, before that, served as the Director of Public Relations at The Samuel Goldwyn Company, and Director for the British PR firm Dennis Davidson & Associates. Frankie Lee began her career in the Original Programming Department of HBO after graduating in Sociology from Northwestern University

Frankie Lee and Yogiraj Vetathiri Maharashi

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