by Jeff Ptak

Rule #1=don't try to fix everything overnight
The goal is to do 1% better each day in each of 4 areas of your life

  1. Fueling - Eating the way your body was designed to eat
  2. Moving - Exercise
  3. Stress Management
  4. Time Management


Step 1 - Use the Addition Rule

Do not try to take out all of the bad things at once
For example: If your normal breakfast is a candy bar and diet soda, add a piece of fruit or bowl of oatmeal to your breakfast, rather than eliminate the candy bar. Take a small step in the right direction. Eventually, your body will gravitate toward the healthier choice (really!).

Then try adding meals.  Add meals into your day that follow the following

Un-Diet guidelines:

Dinner/Evening Meals
Step 2 - Change Your Habits Gradually

Follow the Un-Diet religiously 2 days a week
Step 3 - Use the Vacation Rule

Once you have replaced man-made foods with healthy foods 5 days a week; you now have two days a week, which are now your vacation days . You can eat the foods you crave on your vacation days. Just don't go crazy. The word MODERATION is essential here.

For example

Many diets and healthy eating plans fail because they are too great a departure from the eating habits we have developed over our lifetime.  Your body was designed to function best on natural un-processed foods, and will begin to absolutely crave those foods once they are re-introduced in such a way that is relatively painless. You will innately begin to make the healthier choice!


Step 1

Add aerobic activities

Add 2 aerobic activities for 15+ minutes a week (i.e. fast walking, jogging, biking, inline skating, or hiking.  MAKE IT FUN AND MAKE IT A FAMILY AFFAIR! The whole family will enjoy being in the outdoors and will appreciate the fun time together.

Step 2

Add resistance exercises

Add one 20 minute upper body resistance routine and one 20 minute lower body resistance routine. If you do not belong to a gym, you can purchase a set of weights for a minimal investment and set aside the time to add this type of training at home. Add more as you progress, until you are doing upper and lower body resistance for 20 minutes each 3 times a week.

Your results will be your motivation

As you start to get the benefits of increased endorphins from your aerobic exercise and the body shaping from the resistance exercise, your body will begin to also crave exercise.  You will begin to want to exercise because you guessed it; your body was designed to work best this way!

Stress Management/Peace Management
           ***You cannot manage stress but you can manage and create peace.

The roots of your stress usually come from within you.  So create as much peace around you as you can and the stressors will be much easier to handle.

Step 1--Spiritual Growth

Dedicate 10 minutes each morning to quiet time by yourself, prayer or meditation, whatever works best to quiet your mind and take the focus off yourself and your responsibilities.
Step 2--Service to others and improving yourself

Build relationships; support networks of friends and or colleagues are very important for your emotional well being.

Help others. In order to be loved, you must love others. Focus on giving and contributing your particular talents to help improve the community. Cultivate the law of Abundance: in order to receive, you must first give.

Sharpen your skills and develop new ones, organize and plan, coach and get coached, volunteer your time or resources to a worthy cause.


Step 1 - Define your different lives

For example:  My lives are family life, chiropractor life, speaker life, writer life, mentor life, and spiritual life.

Step 2 - Structure your days to separate your different lives

For example: Everyday from 5am-6am I reserve for my spiritual life.  From 6am to 7am I reserve for either writing or exercise depending on the day.  From 8am to 7pm I reserve the time for my chiropractic life etc...

Step 3 - Delegate/Give yourself more time

I do not cut my grass, fix things that are broke, or order things for the office.  Those tasks I delegate to someone else which gives me more time to do things I need to do and want to do.

           Give up the need to control and micro-manage everything

**The usual problem people have with delegating their tasks is trust.  So the key to letting go of those tasks that you are used to doing is to find someone you really trust and let go!

           Penny Wise and Dollar Dumb

You may save money by mowing your own lawn but you may be losing thousands of dollars by not using that time to sharpen your professional skills, play with your children, and the potentially most costly mistake of all;  not do things your wife asked you to do several times last week.


Plan those times you will dedicate to the areas of importance in your life and STICK WITH IT.  Do not borrow time from another area (if at all possible) in order to complete a task that was not completed before.  Do not skip exercise one day in order to sleep longer, finish a task left from the night before etc.  Look at each block of time you have dedicated to an activity as being in a double yellow line and DO NOT CROSS.  

Of course there are exceptions to every rule sometimes you must cross the double yellow lines to avoid crashing your car.  By all means when faced with crashing, crossing the double yellow is sometimes unavoidable.


Great results do not happen overnight. If it were so easy, everyone would look great and feel great and have the life of their dreams. Reality check-our bad habits have taken a lifetime to develop. We cannot expect them to simply go away overnight just because we have started a NEW DIET or EXERCISE PLAN . It is much more likely we can stick to the program and easily incorporate a healthier lifestyle if we can gradually make those healthier choices.

What we are doing is moving toward a B+.  If we try for an A+, most of us are setting ourselves up for failure.  We are looking to make changes gradually so that by eliminating the unhealthy habits one by one that have gradually become our lifestyle; eventually our body will begin craving healthy foods and exercise because that's how we were designed to live!


At Ptak Chiropractic Life Center, we offer in-depth seminars throughout the Year on each of the above 4 areas; as well as Recipe Night, where we sample healthy, quick and easy to prepare meals the whole family will love.  We also offer individualized nutritional counseling and have a complete line of high quality supplements designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals. And of course, we offer the finest Chiropractic care available.