Understanding Power in a Circular System
by Frankie Lee Slater

To succeed in today's accelerating Information Age, maintain balance and dexterity no matter what the outward appearance, demands a degree of knowledge, skill, and awareness beyond any we have previously mastered. We can create at increasingly higher levels once we understand the forces that are shaping this time and who we are in it, and reconcile the differences between how we have been interpreting and acting in life and the reality we're actually living in.

Misperceptions are having serious repercussions. The evidence is all around us - the old ways are out of phase with the new world and how it is constructed. Destabilization, Deselection and Uncertainty often color the moment.

Corporations that were doubling their revenue year-after-year, are being forced to lay off people en mass because they failed to see that the companies they were acquiring had saturated their growth capacity.

Leaders whose strategies for success served them well throughout their entire careers, are finding it impossible to gage results and assess the potential of a product, marketing approach or employee using traditional data.

CEO's, Leadership and Employees alike who lack the capacity to retrain and retool themselves with consistency, are running themselves ragged, seeing their performance levels drop, their mental agility compromised and facing obsolescence.

There is a different way that power flows in our Global Society that the hierarchical structure is blind to. No longer physically-based and institutional, Business in the Mature Information Age has evolved into a Circular System, in which our relationship with devices is recreating how we organize ourselves and our experiences in time and space through cell phones, the internet, high speed data systems, and surveillance cameras.

Dynamically, industries which appeared separate are actually energetic extensions of one another. Enron, Arthur Anderson, and Citicorp are part of a continuum, together with the mass media playing a key role in their massive expansion and, in the Circular System, ultimately coming back around and exposing them.

There is a Greater Truth of our Connection beyond our Subjective Experience, the wholism of which the New Leadership must recognize and act out of to create our future - for we are operating in Unison whether we are processing through fear, domination and death as the centerpiece of our reality or directing our energies for mutual benefit and affirming life.

In the last 156 years, there has been a radical reorganization of our Social Order. As Technology evolved in its usage, we evolved from a physically driven Agrarian, then Industrial Society to the more ethereal Information based, and subsequently Global one that predominates today.

In the offing, our interface with the World of Projection and Devices literally altered the Nature of what it means to be Human - at a velocity that far exceeded our ability to comprehend its true magnitude and discern what is needed.

Much of what is really happening lies in the Invisible, beyond what our physical eyes can see, leaving even the best and the brightest to do little more than fumble around in the dark unless and until we learn how to pierce the Illusion of Solid Form - which is the new Mastery.


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