Inspired by a "Circle of Women"
by Annie Hutchinson

The fire is burning golden light ,
reflecting off the women circled around. I feel so grateful to be sitting here.
I am in awe of the depth of feeling being expressed.

I am inspired by the courage of these women.
I experience the grace of witnessing.
This gathering affirms that I am inextricably inter-connected.

This is the nature of creation.
The circle is midwife to this recognition.

< I hold the talking stick.
I am still.
My intention is clear.

I express from my heart...Divine Will.
Great Mystery, Mother/Father God open my heart
that it may express truth.
I feel anticipation and recognize the thrill of fear and trust
that accompanies stepping into the unknown.
I am concious of my breathing.

I caress the magnificent blue and crimson tail feathers
adorning the talking stick.
I am the macaw flying free.

I glide.
I breath.
I become the breath.

I hold the talking stick.
I am the tree.
I am still and sturdy as its trunk.
I feel my roots anchor deep within the earth.
I draw upon the vitality of the earth,
life giving water and minerals.

I feel the sun's rays fostering life within my leaves.

I transpire.
I am a drop of water.
I become a cloud.
I am the rain.
I am replenished as I fall to the earth.

I become a river and flow to the sea.
I recall a teaching that says "All rivers lead to the sea"
...A circle is continuous.
I experience this ancient rememberence
as a drop of water.
My soul is quenched.

I visualize my heart.
My cup runneth over with Rumi's words,
"Seek not water. Seek thirst.
Until your cup overflows with quest."

As water quenches a thirst, I become the thirst.
I pray and give thanks that my need is provided for.
I honor the gift of life and the nourishing vitality of relationship.
The "Circle of Women" spirals,
giving birth to "The Art of Living."

Being in relationship is "The Art of Living."

This ancient wisdom is reborn time and time again
as we gather with intention to honor inter-connectedness
and share in community.

A seed once dormant in the mud,
spirals upwards towards the light...
All the while my heart unfurls like the petals of a lotus blossom.

I arrive home and recognize that I have never left.