by Star Newland

Years ago in a meditation the information came that I would create a new style of language that was holographic in essence. It has taken this time to play with it, explore it, share it, and watch it grow. Out here in Puna, Hawaii where Madame Pele's lava flows to the ocean and I continue my dolphin research, a number of my ohana (kin circle or pod) play with this concept of "sculpting new realities" through the conscious use of language. We play with it like a game and it is highly satisfying and Fun! to catch ourselves mid-word and do what is called a "sculpt" as we see and feel what we would like to consciously choose next.

Sculpting is very much a dolphin related skill. It is dolphin in that it helps us to "see" with our words what realities we are creating. We learn to use words and language styles that enable us to create clear thoughtforms and see with word pictures, like holograms, like the dolphins do. And, whales too.

It is a skill in that it can be learned and improved with practice. It can become an art form as we learn how to use language to create beautiful new realities. It is experiential in that each individual can sense for themselves what range they are communicating in from inner dialogue - what you are saying, thinking to yourself, to your outer dialogue with your environment, with the world. And Creation.

It is a living technology as it can change our life's direction in a moment as it propels us to new insights. Such as in this example, "I've created the scenario where my experiences with men are on the minus side of zero." my friend Kalissa said one recent afternoon. First, we laughed at the clarity of that image. We were visiting about such matters and playing with Language Sculpting to show how she could move her experiences (realities) to a neutral place and then over to a plus value.

Yukky (minus -) Zero (neutral 0) Yummy (plus +),

She progressed or "sculpted" her realities from, "I don't want to be in another yukky relationship" to, "I zero want to be in another yukky relationship," to, "I want to be with a real honey who loves and cherishes me too." As we would say, "Yum. Sounds good to me." This technology works so well that I am pleased to report they are the happy parents of a daughter.

That is a clue for us in that if something sounds good and feels good then we would more likely want to create that one. We do have feeling bodies for a reason, part of which is to aid us in determining for ourselves what is right and true. And yummy.

Intention activates our will. When we say, "I intend to maintain a good relationship with my children," we can create a feeling picture that is a clear thoughtform and empower it with our will. We can see/create the picture that accompanies it. We are sculpting that reality by cutting away anything superfluous.

This is the essence of language sculpting and how it came to be called. The image comes from the jade carvers of old, who would sit for up to several years with the jade and when the perfect form was revealed they would carve. Intricate pieces, taking years to complete would result in only one teaspoon of jade dust being left at the end.

Language sculpting is more immediate than that. Although it is like the sculpting of old in that in a piece of writing or in our own thoughtforms, we might have only to remove or sculpt a few words to reveal the perfect reality we wish to create.

Sculpting is about unifying realities within ourselves by reconciling opposites, duality thinking to complements or whole thinking. We feel much better when we can reconcile two highly divergent aspects within ourselves into a united self.

It is a meta-technology in that whatever you are doing, in what ever language, language sculpting can enhance it.

If you do counseling, law, teaching, passing on language skills to children, sales, coaching, creative thinking, writing, or life, sculpting yourself would improve communications and results substantially.

If you want to create wellbeing or greater soundness in yourself or others it is very effective. As we think so shall it be. Better to say, "I wish my head felt better," than "My headache is killing me."

Language sculpting uses the concept of "umbrella terms" or phrases. When we use an umbrella it encompasses what would be included in that reality. "Have Fun!" covers a lot of situations. For example, I would say, "Have Fun! Tiger" to my son as he goes out. This precludes anything "other" from happening to him.

Because "Having Fun!" is a yummy for us, we can be sure that things like falls or fights or losing our wallet are just going to have to go somewhere else. Like to the folks who say, "I don't want to fall & hurt myself," or "I'm afraid someone is going to pick on me" (fear being like a magnet and attracting that which we fear, as do hate & love), or "I don't want to lose my wallet while I'm out shopping."

What about all the (k)nots in our language? When we do (k)not want something the (k)not seems to become a literal one in a way. I saw the image of a cartoon character running and being slowed down by all the things she did (k)not want tied up to her. As time went on she slowed down more and more as more things she did (k)not want were added on. Eventually she was slowed down so much she died. The last thing she did (k)not want was to die.

This brings to mind another image that came to my friend Dena & me the other evening. It was a woman with a cartoon balloon over her head and in it were the images of all the yukky things she did (k)not want attached to her - the dead-end job, the old apartment, and a string of jerks for boyfriends and so on. The other lady had the real honey for her partner, a neat job with travel, nice place, money and so on. She was clear about what she did want.

The first step to opening up the (k)not is to go back to the "zero" point, the center of the experience as in "I zero want to miss my flight." We have neutralized the minus or fear based language reality of, "I don't want to miss my flight." From the zero value we are free to move in any direction since we are in the centre of the circle. The beginning and the end, alpha-omega, full circle. We can go anywhere from here with our language as we have opened up the possibilities. Then we could say "I want to make my flight." As we open the (k)nots we let go of those things that slow us down, drag us down. And we are free again, light again.

There are words that are what we call "confused" words like "unconditional" which means (k)not conditional or non-judgmental which means, (k)not judgmental and so on. There are lots of words like that, all of which sculpting deletes and replaces with true or clear words such as complete loving acceptance or open, accepting. I like to use "harmonize" while peace is defined as the absence of war. The words used in definitions are important. If those words feel good then that word is the one I want to use. And another new one to consider is "brainwaving" rather than brainstorming.

It can help us create new experiences now as well as help us "sculpt" a new meaning out of old ones. Reexperiencing a part of our history through more open, accepting, compassionate language can help us forgive a longstanding grudge or source of pain. When we see for example, that parents were motivated out of their concern for our wellbeing and that was why they were strict we can relate to that concern now as adults, possibly with our own children too.

From here we can reclaim a big chunk of good feelings we would have had for them if we'd only understood then what we do now. And, in matters of the heart, time goes backwards so we can send those good energies we have through our conscious recreation of the past or "sculpted" reality and influence it from here, now.

It can really make a difference in the moment as we shift from (-) thinking as in "I don't want to get lost on this dark road," to (+) "I want to make my way to my destination with ease." Immediately, we can feel the difference between the first statement, referred to as "common usage" of the language or minus value to the second, conscious usage or sculpted, plus value. The latter is accompanied by corresponding yummy changes neurochemically; brain wave patterns are synchronized and as this is so we are able to facilitate whole brain thinking, the kind that would be able to give us a comprehensive review of the matter, including more of the subtle impressions that are accessible when we are open and centred.

As we are more at ease, we've likely helped create our desired outcome or intention. Language Sulpting is used to "micromanage the moment" - using language to precisely define the moment as we do a reality check and decide "What next?" It helps us be in touch with the immediate needs of the moment. Everything changes, including this situation you are in. And so, "What next?" is our conscious choice as to where do we want to go from here, now.

For example, as I am writing this all of my needs are met, perfectly. I have a pen, paper, comfortable place to sit, a yummy brunch, inspiration & so on. Anything more would be superfluous. Therefore thoughts about rent, or phone or how will I get to the beach later or anything would be detracting from the moment as well as zero be appropriate because all of this moment's needs are met. As I complete with each Now then the needs of the next one flow into the meeting of those needs. Life really is a flow.

This is another way in which Language Sculpting is dolphin related -it welcomes us back into the flow. Welcome home!

Kalissa says, "When guests come here and hear us 'sculpting' and using 'Zero' and talking about it they will bring it back home with them and it will grow. And it will really help change people's lives, like it's helping mine."

This is some of what Language Sculpting is about. Aloha.