by Frankie Lee Slater

We are literally living on a precipice between worlds. Humankind and the larger Social Order are evolving as a Planetary Culture. Acceleration defines the time. And our ability to ride the wave, retool and adapt will determine whether we crash and burn, succumb to obsolescence, merely survive, or thrive through the changes this time presents. The choices are on the table right Now.

To fulfill our Greater Destiny, it is paramount that we recognize we have not been who we think we are for a very long time. We are Multi-Dimensional Beings, living in a Multi-Dimensional Universe and our physical identity is but a small part of who we really are.

There is a greater Cosmology of which we are a part, a holographic grid of Creation in which all Worlds simultaneously co-exist, with each new world and its technologies building upon the worlds which preceded it. While we are living in the Information Age, we can see that the constructs and drives of the Industrial, Agricultural and Tribal Worlds are still present within us - coursing through our lives, our relationships, organizations, religions and governments.

The 60's put an end to succeeding generations following the ways of our parents by rote, but failed to set a new context as to how we would proceed. Since then, we've been living in an undefined world, referencing it from old world views which have little or no relevance to what's actually taking place. We're literally out-of-phase, and the feelings of overwhelm we as individuals are experiencing, the travesties whole peoples are inflicting upon one another globally, and the daily implosion of corporate hierarchies high on "me, my, mine" - are all evidence of the Worlds Colliding.

We have the ability to Shift into our Greater Destiny and Knowledge. But our impulses to live in fear and despair, conflict, war and degradation, or numb out in some capacity, are great. And our vehicles of popular culture keep the distortion replicating, replicating, replicating in our psyche - projecting images of "reality" as random and chaotic, of separation, and death exalted over life.

What is already reaching epidemic proportion, taken to the Nth degree, will lead us to oblivion fast - unless we create a new context which affirms the truth of our essential Connection, and make going to Consciousness our highest, most immediate and consistent priority.

"Living Beyond the Matrix" is crucial...

There is a sense people have that something beyond their reach is affecting them, something they can't get at. They don't know what it is or how. But it's running their lives. And they can feel its pull intensifying. It's the Matrix.

Our Solar System is essentially a complex of "matrices" or energetic grids - created through the interplay of the various planets and their orbs which contain, define, condition and organize our perceptions and experiences here on Earth. The dark connotation we associate with the popular film "The Matrix" is one of being regulated like a component in a machine - which is exactly what happens when we go along unconsciously.

"Living Beyond the Matrix" is a model for what life can be like when we consciously participate according to our Higher Identity and the Greater World we're actually living in. It's about understanding the dynamics at play today, so we can overcome the Collective Misperceptions we came to the planet with and are conditioned by, shift out of Systems that contain us and drive us to encroach upon and react to one another, based on concepts of "not having enough, not being enough" and "separation," and master Earth's lesson of structure and form.

It's about recognizing the greater Connectivity that actually supports and sustains us, so that the Oneness is what we use to organize every aspect of our lives - from interfacing with devices to connect on multiple levels throughout Society and the Galaxy, to directing our energies and proficiencies to create on consistently higher levels and realize our Greater Destiny as a Peaceful Humanity.