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In the wake of Littleton and other violent incidents in schools across America, it has become glaringly apparent that change is called for. While many are just beginning to address the challenges, We Care For Youth is already well into the process. CHOOSING PEACE NOW is the story of this group of at-risk teenagers, together with supportive adults who, since 1997, have created an annual city-wide peace conference in their hometown of Glendale, California. It is a vibrant demonstration of the powerful force of unconditional love and an important shift that is taking place -- from being acted upon by life to becoming actively involved in the process of living. A catalyst for both a Local and National Campaign to create peaceful solutions in our schools and a more life-enhancing atmosphere for our youth to prosper, CHOOSING PEACE will combine a one-hour television documentary with in-studio dialogue along the lines of Rock-the-Vote, and provide in-depth information here on our website to support people everywhere in creating peace conferences and peace itself in your own communities.


Give Peace A Chance
in the Dec. 2000 issue of the "Glenale News Post"

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