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DANCE OF THE FEMININE celebrates the inner and outer lives of women today and the re-integration of the feminine in all of our lives. It is an intimate story of a group of women in California, our growth and transformation. It is a universal story of women coming together as women have done with women, and men have done with men through the ages, of community and the value to be found when we share from a place of trust. It is also a new paradigm for a new time whereby the feminine principle is reaffirmed and brought into balance with its masculine counterpart and the family of the earth unites as one -- as illustrated in the International Women's Day Gatherings We Are the Weavers, We Are the Weave, We Are All Artists of Life, Celebrating the Mystery, Cosion and Affirming Our Connection and Living in the Garden. And it is a model of what is possible for people throughout the world, challenged by the complexities of the day to feel connected, acknowledged and appreciated for who we really are.

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