Every one of us lights up when we connect with the smile in someone's eyes, for in this moment we are fully present in the Mystery and Miracle of Life we all share - the One Point of Light.

I am going to make a bold statement here, one that took me all of my years to move from a wish and a prayer to arrive at a genuine place of knowing, to say. "We Live In A Loving and Harmonious Universe, and it is only Our Perception of Random Chaoticness, Separation and Lack that has Created the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy we are faced with today."

There is a greater prophesy, spoken of consistently throughout time by the wisdom keepers of every great civilization, the scientists and sages who knew first-hand the good and great potential of the human being.

Each, through his and her own metaphors, told of a time when the peoples of the earth would come together as One, and uplift one another and the planet to our higher dimensionality. This is the potential of this time, the evolutionary impulse that is ours to realize.

Human consciousness has taken a dramatic shift since we entered space and saw our earthly existence in perspective. Yet we've continued to act out of fear-based belief systems formed when we thought the world was flat. We are so much more than who we thought ourselves to be - tribe against tribe, physical bodies alone, in isolation...

We are quite literally sitting on a precipice between worlds, having seen in every way imaginable where this faulty premise of Separation has gotten us. The Age of Denial is over, and the veils lifted, that we may see the deeper truth of our being.

The Art of LIVING, the Media and Coalition, as well as COSION Conferences and Circles Uniting Festivals I'm producing, were created out of my excitement in discovering how much evidence of "the art of living" there already is in our world, and my recognition of what is needed which, when provided, will support us in living in the truth of our connection.

I have invited you here to make an offering of myself and all that I bring forth, knowing that the gifts that you bring and the gifts that I bring into the Circle are complements in a larger matrix of Creation. We are drawn together out of our mutual intention and response-ability - to help ease people's way in this time of transition and usher in a New Dawn of Human Awakening. I am simply giving voice to the inner guidance we have each quietly heard.

Enjoy what you see. I will be delighted to hear from you afterwards.


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