Today The Art of LIVING Coalition is realizing the exponential value of linking with one another, sharing resources and insight in everything we're doing. We are moving beyond the old paradigm where people and organizations attempted to solve problems in isolation and separation. Instead, we are coming together and pooling our collective energies and gifts to help create a conscious world for the enrichment of everyone.

Holding a vision for a conscious and caring world in which the peoples of the Earth live in peace, harmony and prosperity, The Art of LIVING Coalition is here to serve as a catalyst for positive change on both a personal and planetary level. We are a vital and growing community of individuals and communities who have made the commitment to rise to the occasion and live our lives to the best of our ability -- approaching life as an artist does a canvas. Recognizing that it is not the rare exception, but in everyone of us to live our lives as artists, we are here to support you in fulfilling your highest potential as well -- through ground-breaking Life-Enhancement Courses and Consulting, Participatory Events, the Greater Grid of Connectivity afforded through the Coalition, and Conscious Media designed to enlighten, entertain and actively inform your lives for the better.

Learn more about The Art of LIVING Media below, then go to the section PARTICIPATE, and let us know about you and how you'd like to be involved.

A Mystery School for the 21st Century
Weekly TV Reality Program, presently in development and intended for a global, multi-generational audience

Sourced in the emerging worldview that life itself is a creative process and we are the artists, The Art of LIVING will act as a generative force, opening millions of viewers the world over to the essential understanding that each and every aspect of life can be raised to the level of Art. This powerful one-hour weekly program is the first to present the important human stories of our time within the context of our personal and planetary evolution. It is a Mystery School for prime-time television, synthesizing the wisdom teachings of many cultures, from all of time and creation, together with the leading communication and change technologies of our day. While other reality shows compete for the same who did what to whom stories, The Art of LIVING will establish a new standard, demonstrating what is being done for, with and by whom, and how. This is the high end of reality programming -- designed to effectively meet the needs of the 21st Century human by enhancing how we experience ourselves and our world, interact, and respond to the far-reaching changes.

Note: Seasoned Investors and Distributors who are interested in the project and would like to see a detailed proposal, are invited to e-mail us with information about yourself by clicking here.


A Series of Television Specials documenting the experiences of The Art of LIVING Coalition in community (all shot and seeking financing to post and distribute)

Many Voices Coming Together
Audiotape Series (all recorded and seeking funding to complete and distribute)

A colorful tapestry of voices set to music, this pioneering new series moves beyond the old paradigm "one head talking" to invite the listener into the Circle right along with us. Among the subjects covered are: BEING ARTISTS OF LIFE, THE TIME IN WHICH WE'RE LIVING, CREATING CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY, BRINGING THE GENERATIONS TOGETHER, and DANCE OF THE FEMININE.