Every great civilization on Earth - from the Egyptian Nile to the Greek Isles, the High Himalayas to the Americas - had what were called Mystery Schools. It is here that the men and women who were the lifeblood of these civilizations - the philosophers and the poets, the astronomers and the mathematicians, the playwrights and the artists - evolved and imparted their legacies of wisdom. Here generation after generation learned about the living of a life, the mystery and power of creation, the inner world as well as the outer.

The Art of LIVING Coalition is here to serve this purpose today - sharing our experiences and reflections on living the awakened life...making ourselves available as allies...helping navigate the waters of complexity...reconnecting us to the Mystery and Miracle of Life we all share...and bringing us forward in this new millennium where the exclusivity that too often served to maintain "power over" is transformed into a greater accessibility for and "power with" all people.

Ours is an era unlike any other, a time when the wisdom of the ages, of all of time and creation is available. Here lies the promise of the mature information age - of a time held in potentia for eons, spoken of by saints and sages - when the rainbow people, yellow, black, red and white, come together and live as One. The solutions to all of our ills are here right now, as are the essentials for everything we have ever dreamed to be or do. This can be that time long prophesied, when we choose - the time of the Awakened Human. It is up to us to rise to the occasion.