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On April 4, 2004 I departed Los Angeles, my home for most of the last 25 years, to launch the Circles Uniting Tour.  With the understanding that all great undertakings begin with the first step, the tour began with my acceptance of an invitation to travel to South Africa and participate in a blessing ceremony for my friend Ann Hutchinson and her husband Tim Duncan's son Jethro who I was asked to godmother.

The dream I have for the world is an Awakened Dream and Circles Uniting is part of a matrix that is designed to help orchestrate the shift that is presently called for, by providing the connecting bits that will more greatly facilitate flow.

The natural unfolding of Circles Uniting is to grow into a unitative force in the form of an ongoing Live Aid, We Are the World and Hands Across America, simply by affirming the essential connection that already exists and is represented in the cosmology of overlapping circles, with each of us being the center of a circle and our circles overlapping to more or lesser degrees.

This understanding of the Circle technology was gifted into my life when my mentor Will Sampson encouraged me to attend a Native American gathering hosted by the elder Albert Lightning in Alberta, Canada in the summer of 1985. 

I've sat in hundreds of council circles since, including thousands of people, and am dedicated to taking the spirit of inclusivity it embodies out into the larger world so that every one feels included and is supported in taking action.

This is a challenge as the perception, culled by centuries of conditioning, is one of separation, whether it be by individuals in terms of family, community and small-self identities or countries vying to hold on to the pride of national identity. 

The greater truth is that we are One and we are all in this together.  The challenge is to exercise conscious volition - the very gift of being human - to override the reactive behaviors that would keep us in the false perception of "us" and "them."

What I have witnessed over the course of my Circles Uniting journey, in practically everyone I meet, is a kind of recognition that we have been being prepared for something, and an opening to the greater possibilities.

I was present when South Africa celebrated 10 Years of Democracy, I was present as Europe moved into a greater level of unity that is taking us beyond the man-made demarcations that served the thought of "power over." I was fortunate to go beyond America as it experiences the sad legacy of carrying this thought to dissolution.

I am here simply to contribute my part to the greater.

Please enjoy our website where you can read more about The Art of LIVING Coalition and what we're creating in the way of participatory events and conscious media for a more conscious world. Thank you for your good works and I look forward to exploring what we are here to create together.

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