Astrology as a Science came to Al when he was very young. He was told not to study with anyone, but to go directly to the Solar System. The result is a powerfully sourced and life-transforming system for understanding our evolution into the New Human, which he calls Solar Psychology©.

Solar Psychology© recognizes that just as the Seasons of the Earth are ordained by its relationship to the Sun, its warmth and life-force, so too are the Seasons of our Lives continuously cycling through Birth, Growth, Maturity and Death, and it is here that the Great Creator has provided a map to guide us along our Soul's Journey.

Each individual's Solar Map contains the roles that we play, the tools that we have gained from our past lives, and the matrix systems that we have or have not worked through which enhance or limit our ability to comprehend and live within the possibilities this age presents.

Through his leading-edge training organization AL JOY CONSULTING, Al, his wife Fran and staff are helping empower the new Consciousness Community to move into a more unitive and enlightened way of being - assisting us in awakening to the truth of our multi-dimensional existence, understanding the responsibilities we are spiritually driven to serve, refining our perceptions to be in greater alignment with the world as it is currently operating, developing relationships of benefit and directing our energies to create on consistently higher levels, to transcend fear and embrace love.

Pictured above: Al Joy and Devora Lillian seated, standing (L to R)
Frankie Lee Slater, Kamille Bailey, Stephen Long and Wells Jones


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