At the mystical age of 39 Blu became aware that dramatic changes were necessary and those changes would be dependent on her surrendering to her inner self. To allow herself to be who she truly is, a Gifted channel, a vibrant and humorous personality, as well as a creative and caring individual, Blu studied Transformational Psychology in Hawaii with Dr. Chuck and Lencay Spezano, internationally acclaimed authors, lecturers, teachers. After one full year of study and a six-month internship in the women's prison, she travelled extensively presenting seminars and private sessions.

She is a student of "A Course in Miracles" and draws upon her personal journey, the experiences and consequences of following her inner knowing.

Blu has hosted her own television show, been a feature on numerous prime time radio and television shows throughout North America. Her full bodied humour and robust personality are a delight for interviewers and a welcome pleasure for any audience. She experienced working with wonderful crews in the media, and as part of her journey returned to school at 49 and achieved a degree in film from the Vancouver film school. She is currently appearing on local television in British Columbia, Canada.

It is with this purpose of love and caring, throughout the medium of laughter that Blu shares her gift. She believes in the power of silence for self discovery. Blu knows that everyone has their answers inside and given enough love and space everyone can be their own best Guru.


The Elders are friends - an energy band of consciousness that share in areas of personal growth and awareness. Speaking from a place of higher knowledge, obvious intelligence, humour and responsible love. The Elders are sometimes loud, most times just plain funny and at all times thought-provoking. All who experience the Elders laugh, learn and grow.


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