Los Angeles born multimedia artist, studies in an interdisciplinary experimental program based in sociology at the University of California at Berkeley and an experimental university in Los Angeles. Begins as stained glass artist and editor of a contemporary glass art magazine, Helps establish an ancient craft in U.S. academia where his own work is highly recognized. From 1986-88 stages sound/light installations combining ancient craft, architectural computer generated art, recorded sound and original music compositions. In 1985 wins national awards for magazine design. In 1986 moves to New York and in 1987 to Paris. In 1989, invited to Poland by Jerzy Ryba. Exhibits computer generated art, three works purchased for the Lodz Art Museum's permanent collection. In 1991 holds first photography exhibition in Galeria X in Wroclaw, later shown in Belgium and Barcelona. Most of film soundtrack, animations, artworks and first two completed parts completed while living in Barcelona and Belgium. From 1996-97, the first part, "About to Depart," wins awards in seven festivals in France, Italy and Spain, including for the original soundtrack. In late 1996 moves to Wroclaw to work with local musicians for the World Premiere of "The Underground Cathedral" as live musical and video performance, at the WRO '97 Festival and Audio/Art Festival at The Center For Contemporary Art in Warsaw. While living Poland, in 1998 he completes a one hour film version of "the Underground Cathedral." In March 1999 its second public screening wins Grand Prize of international competition at the Videoformes festival in France. The same year his art installation wins first prize at the Audio/ Festival held at The Center for Contemporary Art Warsaw.




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