Michael Shaman is contributing his management prowess in support of our community, by helping Frankie Lee establish a powerful co-creative business model in the newly formed limited liability company COSION LLC. Created initially to move TAOLiving productions to completion, by making possible a wide-range of co-production and investment opportunities, COSION is designed to foster ventures such as conferences and trainings, consulting, product development and distribution, and live events - basically, in any and all arenas members of the Coalition are interested in "co-sion-ing."

In addition to serving as a Managing Member of COSION LLC, Michael is an organizational and financial consultant with over 25 years experience working with small businesses, non profits, governmental agencies, community groups and various production and development projects. He has dual professional degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison: an MA degree in Public Policy and Administration from the Robert La Follette Institute of Public Affairs and an MS degree in Finance, Investments and Banking from the U.W. Graduate School of Business.

As his name suggests, Michael helps individuals and groups to focus, ground and realize their dreams and visions by providing technical expertise and magic complementary and catalytic to their own. Michael also teaches Tai Chi Chuan and related spiritual, healing and martial arts professionally in the Los Angeles area. Currently he teaches beginning and advanced classes in Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong at Studio City Martial Arts in Studio City, and at his own studio in East Hollywood


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