Dr. Susan Schmidt is a certified Deeksha giver and Oneness facilitator, empowered by direct transmission during several "21-day processes" at Oneness University in India. The Deeksha process was initiated in Southern India by the founders of Oneness University and Temple, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Their great vision and purpose in giving Deeksha is to raise the consciousness of all humanity by enhancing our ability to connect within; with the inner self, presence, higher or divine self, Buddha or Christ nature, and initiating a process where we experience our feelings deeply, face our fears, meet our darkest sides and come to fully accept and embrace all that we are. With ever deepening inner connectedness we live in a state of inner peace, unconditional love and joy.

Dr. Schmidt taught simplified forms of Tai Chi and Kundalini Yoga, progressive relaxation, and meditation. Susan holds a Ph.D in Neurochemistry from the UCLA School of Medicine. Her special areas of expertise are human physiology, anatomy, neuroanatomy, and aging and degenerative diseases of the central nervous system. She has been an associate professor at the Harvard Medical School department of Ophthalmology and Neuropathology, and continues to consult with that institution.




KAYA KALPA: Body Immortal


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