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40 Days to Better Health & Fitness
Advice for an Abundant Life
The Art of Living Phenomenon
Awareness Meditation
The Benefit of Symptoms
Business Solutions for
  the New Leadership
Chiropractic and the Environment
Coming Into Our Own
  in the Company of Women

Coming Together Around
  the Art of Living Coalition

Cruising in the Maldives
Death of a Deer
Earth Summit in Johannesburg
Feed the Soul
Fire Light Reflections
John Lilly, Permissionary
Kaya Kalpa: Body Immortal
Kiatsu: The Healing Art of Aikido
Language Sulpting
Living an Exceptional Life Daily
A Quantum Shift
  to a Peaceful Humanity

Synsory Overmode
Spiritual Development in Oklahoma
The Time of Transformation is Now
We are the New Civilization

Jeff Ptak
Jeff Ptak
Brad Baard
Akasa Levi
Jeff Ptak
Frankie Lee Slater

Jeff Ptak
Frankie Lee Slater

Cliff Terry

Cliff Terry
Francois Mazure
Jeff Ptak
Kate Lutz
Susan Mokelke
Annie Hutchinson
Frankie Lee Slater
Susan Schmidt
David Sonnenschein
Star Newland
Jeff Ptak
Frankie Lee Slater

Jas. Morgan
Jim Morris
Frankie Lee Slater
Flemming Funch

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The Outlook, June 1997
    Dalai Lama Shows us How to Live our Lives

Los Angeles Times, March 1999
    Celebrating the World's Women

Culver City News, March 1999
    Women's Day Event Honors Creative Living

Los Angeles Tribune, March 2000
    Women's Creativity Celebrated

Santa Monica News, March 2000
    Women's Creativity Celebrated at Festival

Glenale News Post, December 2000
    Give Peace a Chance

Palisadian Post, March 2001
    Song, Storytelling and Dance Coalesce for Women's Day

Malibu Surfside News, February 2005
    Malibuite Teaches World the Art of Living

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