Coming Full Circle to Bring The Art of LIVING

My Story is Ourstory

Imagine a World where all children are welcomed, celebrated and affirmed to be their authentic selves and bring out their natural creativity.  Imagine that this heightened sense of care and appreciation was extended to all people.

Imagine a World where the essential truth of our connection is understood and appreciated, and the greatest potential for co-creativity that has ever existed is freed to be realized in the nearly 7.5 billion member human family.

This is the vision I have dedicated my life and my work to bring alive for people everywhere, on behalf of the entire family of the earth.

The process of humanity fulfilling on this vision, constitutes the greater story of our time which I, and many through me, have come to call “the art of living,”

I have been seeding, nurturing and growing this sense of the art of living in popular consciousness for over two decades – assisting those I come in touch with, in navigating the unique challenges of this time with as much grace and ease and joy as we can possibly muster in our hearts.

My approach has been one of the road less traveled, in which my deep impulse to find the things that work and share the treasure, moved me to go beyond the bounds of my highly successful career in corporate and entertainment PR, and be out with the people.

By the age of 30, I had worked at HBO in its pioneering first two years, conducted the Academy Award winning campaign for the score of Midnight Express, given the biggest party in New York to open the national release of The Who’s film, “Quadrophenia,” and served as the Director of Public Relations at The Samuel Goldwyn Company.

What these experiences taught me, along with so many touchstone moments I’ve been fortunate to have in my life, is that what I see comes to be, and that my exemplifying what it means to be an artist of my life could be access for human beings living expansive, beautiful lives that go way beyond the appearance of life happening to us, to being conscious co-creators of a world that really can work for everyone.

I founded the popular women’s group A Circle of Women to affirm the deeper quality relationship I was exploring with the women in my life, and provide a held space to simply Be.  In our sixth year, we invited men to join us, and sitting by the waterfall on my friend’s property in Malibu, it became so pristinely apparent to me that we were each leaders in our own right – of men’s groups and women’s, environmental and movement groups, and a film co-operative.  I also saw that we were running in parallel, and wondered what would it be like if we came together.

In this recognition I founded The Art of LIVING Coalition and together our growing membership produced over a decade of larger circle gatherings, multi-cultural and completely immersive and participatory, including annual International Women’s Day gatherings to model an inclusive celebratory feminine.  All of the hundred-some events mentioned, I conceptualized, produced and hosted in public locations across the city of Los Angeles, on hillsides and in back yards, documenting our experiences throughout for The Art of LIVING original media, so that the story could be shared.

Recently we launched Artist of LIFE TV on YouTube where you can see some of the stories within the story, starting with my conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama about his art of living as “the art of the mind,” and another piece about a group of teenagers who were empowered to produce their own citywide peace conference in the City of Glendale.  For me, the strength of all of this lives in the context of “the art of living” and narration of the process we were coming to understand by stepping in and up together.

In 2004, after my mother’s passing, I was invited to South Africa to become “Goddess Mother” to my friend Annie and her husband Tim’s newborn son Jethro.  This marked a growth step in my circle work – connecting individuals with individuals, circles with circles, small and large, so that all can benefit from the unique gifts we each have to bring to the circle.  It was deemed the CIRCLES UNITING South Africa – Euro Tour, lasted nine months, and allowed me to see into the natural unfolding of what has evolved into CIRCLES UNITING Global, grown locally to regionally to globally with indigenous people on four continents, leaders in the consciousness movement, socially responsible business and community enhancement.

Seven years ago I took an even deeper dive, putting my life on-the-road full time, to make myself available to move in with people and share the intimate space of home – totaling over 180 households, from intentional communities with mostly millennials to boats in three marinas, a cattle ranch to an art park in downtown LA that grew up after the LA Riots and is home to the 57th street gang.

In this time I’ve put hundreds of thousands of words to pen, along with sacred geometry art outpicturing the dynamics, photographed, audiotaped and mapped our extraordinary co-living experience.  Quintessentially, creating a living model.  Some call me a woman Sadhu, or Sadhvi.  I relate to being something between a modern day Margaret Meade and the fictional Lara Croft, where my anthropological digs are that of hearth and home.  And, even more so, to being of the lineage Bard, a weaver of story and culture.

This has afforded me to see into a subtlety in human perception and how we create that is unparalleled, and to design The Art of LIVING and CIRCLES UNITING to orchestrate a global paradigm shift to a creative-relational worldview – through a medley of large-scale media, celebratory events and life-long learning based on my original “art of living” methodology. This moment marks a full-circle return to deliver on a promise my younger self declared.  How perfect that it has brought me into your presence now – to collaborate with one another and spirit the possibility for people here and around the world.

Frankie Lee