The image I keep seeing and would like to share with you, is that of a circle within a circle.

The smaller circle in the center is the “me” or the small “we” – which represents anything we ordinarily associate with ourselves individually and collectively in terms of our day-to-day existence, our family, our work, our community, basically our comfort zone, what we see as the “what is” of life, our dreams and schemes from the stand-point of having to make things happen ourselves.

Added to that is a basic principle of the art of living which has to do with affirming our connection and acting out of this awareness. It is what I call “me plus One” or “we plus One.” Applying this principle is the “plus factor” which allows us to move into the greater “WE”. It creates the additional space, and provides the momentum for our lives to flow more abundantly.

On the surface it may appear that to add anything whatsoever into our already jam-packed existence will send us into overwhelm. In truth, this is actually the illusion, the very thing that keeps us contained in the three-dimensional world, and blocks us from manifesting what we dream to be possible.

Ostensibly, we bought the shop. The mindset that we can be it all and do it all. That the reward is somehow better when we work our tails off. That to rely on one another is cheating. That need is a sign of weakness. And, on top of that, all those years numbing down our bodies in hard-backed chairs, under fluorescent lights, shut down our guidance system which in any other species naturally entrains its members to work together.

Some would make a case that this was part of a grand conspiracy to control the multitudes. I would say, it simply came with the territory. In the centuries of mass migration, mechanized education stirred the melting pot and allowed people of many different cultures and orientations to find our way together. The downside was we became overly mechanized. OK, so we knew what we knew then, now we have the opportunity to live with much greater awareness.

This new era, this amazing time on the planet, is of a more expansive nature. Much anticipated, this Aquarian Age is the time of what we can do and be together. It is all about adding to ourselves and adding ourselves to. You plus me equals infinity. Everything is possible because it’s already present, we have simply to affirm the truth of our connection.

So, the circle in its entirety is the greater “WE” – the circle of all life. Just imagine what we can create together when we stretch beyond our small world and embrace our being unique and integral components to something greater, when we contribute our natural gifts, share resources with those whose gifts complement our own and rise up on one another’s shoulders!

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