an artist of life:


  1. behaves daily in ways that support and enhance life
  2. plays a pro-active, creative role in sculpting his reality
  3. is courageously dedicated to being herself
  4. “walks his talk,” and willingly accepts responsibility for his thoughts and deeds
  5. lives her dream
  6. has a rich and fulfilling existence
  7. is fully present in the moment
  8. loves himself and acts out of what is best in himself
  9. passionately infuses love and vitality into everything she does
  10. is grateful to be alive
  11. measures his success by a balance of the personal and professional, societal and spiritual
  12. thrives on change
  13. assesses situations in terms of challenges and opportunities rather than problems, and works to find viable solutions
  14. is resilient and open to more than one “right” way of doing things
  15. is authentic and honest with herself and others
  16. embraces differences while affirming our essential connection
  17. treads softly on the earth
  18. honors and respects the freedom of each individual
  19. extends compassion to all living things
  20. is committed to doing “the best he can” to live these principles
  21. teaches by example

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