There is a shift taking place on the planet that is as profound as when we thought the world was flat and discovered it was round. It is a perceptual shift in how we understand the world and see ourselves; a shift which is dismantling all that would keep us separate, in opposition, and living out of our lesser selves when to be human is so much more.

When International Women's Day came into being in 1911, it made official a universal call echoed throughout time by the most conscious among us - for freedom, valuing, balancing, and human dignity. In each successive decade, human creativity and the advancement of technology have brought us closer to a global society, literally transforming what it means to be human. Now, a new century and millennium later, we are the trustees of our grandmother's dream and we are all the dreamers.

The dream I see is an awakened dream, one in which we recognize the essential truth of our connection and freely place our gifts within the circle. This is the spirit of the celebrations of the Feminine we are creating and the story which you see here.



Moved to tell the story of what it means to be a new Woman at this new time on the planet, Frankie Lee began documenting the celebrations she and her friends were having in A Circle of Women, the women's group she founded in the early 1990's.  The documentation process became a natural part of what they were creating and has continued with each one of The Art of LIVING Coalition's International Women's Day gatherings - with over 60 hours of the most poignantly uplifting footage of Women ever assembled providing the pallet for our documentary "Dance of the Feminine."

What has been made possible to this point through an all-volunteer effort of people who share this vision, can bring good to millions the world over through our media - at a time when the psyche of humanity is longing for positive models of what is working and what is possible to counter the negative images that have been pulsing, pulsing, pulsing.

If you love what you see, we invite your support for the project.  To make it easy, we have just completed our on-site donations page.  Contributions of services such as scripting, accounting, legal council, post-production facilities, marketing and distribution, referrals to other donors and foundations are also greatly appreciated.

The theme of  "Affirming Our Connection" was chosen for Women's Day 2004 to affirm the essential connection that lies beneath all our illusionary perceptions of separation.  Everything we've ever dreamed to be or do is available right here, right now on the planet when we affirm the truth of our connection and give our gifts freely, knowing we are all one in the Circle.  This is the Dance of the Feminine.

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