The Artist Yaari and Some of his Body Painting, Model Mikka
Photos by Nick Boswell

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Highly in touch with his feminine side and celebrating women and the feminine in many of his paintings and body art, Yaari depicts life as it is - from chaos to order - reflecting the interplay throughout. Well studied, his artwork can be a magical moment for any age viewer, bridging the gaps to generations to come.

While only in his 40's Yaari has exhibited his art for 31 years in 32 countries, showing his first paintings publicly at age four in his native Israel, and coming to international renown while in his teens, living in Europe, Mexico and the United States. A master of light and color and the ethereal, the prolific artist is presently working on a new clothing and home furnishings collection which he will debut in April, and series of 3-D animation, digital and fine art which will go on view soon after in May.

In addition to his majestic art being included in some of the finest collections on three continents, including commissions for the Olympics, World Expo and Grand Prix, Yaari is a father of four, relentless advocate and activist for children and world peace, and exemplar of what it means to be "an artist of LIFE." The Yaari Foundation for the Arts - which he formed in 1974 to serve in an advisory capacity in support of non-profits throughout the world - has assisted over 100 organizations including the Art Auction for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, the Hunger Project, Reach Australia, International Toy Bank, International Hospice, and The Art of LIVING Coalition with his generous contribution to our Women's Day International 2003 event COSION.

The philosophy exercised for Yaari Lifestyles is based on the premise that art emulates life at the highest level. The company contributes that element to society through its various activities which teach the participants respect and a broad understanding of the arts, and their ability to shape the future. They do this through the development of products that enhance and stimulate the lives of millions of people.